Barn and Sky – New Mexico High Plains

high plains

It’s raining.

I’m browsing through pictures from summer trips and  have re-looked at a few in black and white. This scene is in eastern New Mexico, an area that appealed to American Regionalist painters seventy or eighty years ago, and a place which has changed very little in most respects.  Standing in this undulating landscape at dusk two summers ago,  it was hard not to think of John Steuart Curry, a Kansas painter who had the flair for sensuous landscapes.

To suggest something of that point of view, here’s a treatment that is vignetted, rendered in sepia–with no absolutes blacks or whites and with the low tones of the midrange carrying the tune.

25 thoughts on “Barn and Sky – New Mexico High Plains

    1. Yup, not far from the border with western Kansas…it’s nice out there. I never understood why everyone seems to want to drive across the state as fast as possible.

  1. Amazing tribute to Regionalist Art. Beautiful picture. The barn in this picture allows one’s mind to create a human story that wouldn’t be possible without it. In that respect it’s a participatory picture, for me.

    1. Thanks Isa. The eastern third of New Mexico is desert grassland and prairie– a very distinct habitat from the mountains and canyons found elsewhere in the state.

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