33 thoughts on “Dusting

  1. resti inanimati eppure espressivi, forse perchè lasciati lì, abbandonati; la fotografia li ha ricompensati, ma il senso di nostalgia rimane..bello sguardo il tuo

      1. Che bello quello che dici, sai questi commenti nascono spontanei, spingono da dentro, e poi provo ad esprimerli con le parole e quando ci riesco è un soddisfazione anche per me.
        Ciao John, a presto.

    1. Thanks Bente. Compared to where you are, we’re only “scratching the surface” of winter.

      Fortunately there’s been a little bit of snow this week which is helping to create some opportunities.

  2. I love these – so abstract! If the top one hadn’t been put in context with the others, I would have had no idea what it was, it’s alien-looking. My favourite is the third one down, it’s such a textural image, i just want to touch it! Beautiful photographs.

  3. La mia socia aveva ragione, come sempre: le tue foto sono semplicemente splendide. Se dico che sono “poesia fatta immagine”, ti assicuro che lo penso…
    Un saluto.

    1. It’s interesting — these look like toned monochromes but they’re actually color files that are pretty much uncorrected from where I had my white balance set at. The warm tone is a result of shooting in color in the shade (and in low light).

      Perhaps the warm tone is helping to give them an “organic” feeling…

  4. I just love these ones, John… individually and how they look together. There is silence and mystery here. They complement each other. I don´t know if you had that intention, but they are beautiful abstracts.

    1. Thanks Laura. I thought of them as a related group of semi-abstracts since they’ve got plenty of cues in terms of place and scale. Your reading makes me feel like I’ve gotten it right with this group. Much appreciated.. John

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