iceform II

iceform III

iceform IV

The images are photographs of ice cracks.

I found them on several freshwater ponds over the last few days. The ponds had been frozen, partially thawed and then re-frozen, a process which seemed to result in the formations which you’re looking at. I shot them in early morning light or late in the day –hence the warmer tone.

For me, they evoke astrophotography and pictographs.

Scoy Pond East Hampton (1 and 4) – Crooked Pond, Sag Harbor (2 and 3)
Panasonic G3 – 20mm normal lens

29 thoughts on “Iceforms

  1. Beautiful shots. My favourite is the third shot. Seen in isolation it is an wonderfully engaging image. Neurons, cell division, sea water microbes or abstract painting! Whatever it may suggest to the viewer I think there is something quite serene and quiet about the photograph. Great stuff indeed 🙂


    1. Thanks. The third is my favorite also, although the first is running a close second. The subdued tonal range and of the third image is making me want to print it. As you noted, the images resemble abstractions and so they might look good if presented on a large scale.

      I hadn’t thought of neurons and cell division–very nicely observed…thanks again!


  2. These turned out great, John, We see these on our pond, but I’ve never gotten a particularly good shot of ’em (perhaps because our freezes don’t last once the sun shows up).


  3. Must..stop…pressing…like…button for everything! BUT! So good. These are so wonderfully strange. Especially that third one, kind of alien. I thought jellyfish at first, as well. But stranger. 🙂


    1. Good observations. These ice-cracks were a lot of fun to shoot. I wasn’t talking to myself at the time, but if I was, I would’ve been saying, “Look how strange that stuff looks!”.


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