Gas Pump Gothic


Today’s picture was taken during a more substantial winter…(and yes, the title is a nod to Grant Wood).

The pumps were located down on Long Lane near the high school where they held court for many years. Sadly, they disappeared one night and have not returned. Apparently there are thieves who specialize in petroleum collectables.

The photograph was taken with a little-known medium format camera–the Fuji 645S.

The “S” was a good camera that came with a fixed normal lens which was protected by a “roll-bar” that kept it out of danger.

For this picture, I was standing between the pumps and a little shack which once served as a gas station. Across the snowy road is a potato barn and an old potato truck. This was eastern Long Island in the late eighties, but things have changed.  The field has been turned over to nursery stock and they’ve erected an 8 foot fence to keep the deer from eating all their plants.

At least we’ve still got the snow….sometimes.

22 thoughts on “Gas Pump Gothic

  1. Bella! Mi piacciono sempre molto i colori sulla neve, in un paesaggio bianco e un po’ sporco!Davvero bella. In Italia, per adesso, abbiamo visto, almeno qui a Torino, pochissima neve, ma è meglio così, perché la neve in città crea molti problemi.


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