18 thoughts on “Winter Sun, Louse Point

      1. It is indeed. A Nikkor AF-S 50mm f1.4/G. I’m hoping to get out this weekend a put it through it’s paces. You’ve given me something to aim for with this photo. This was a lens I had on my shopping list and couldn’t decide whether the next lens I bought was going to be 300mm telephoto, a 24mm f1.4 prime or the 50mm. My decision making has been made a little easier. 🙂


        1. f 1.4 is extraordinary in terms of speed. You’ll be able to keep your images at your lowest ISO.

          Ironically, a “normal” focal length appears to be so out-of-the-ordinary these days that it tends to provide a refreshing change of pace. That’s especially the case with landscapes.

          I think you’ll be pleased.


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