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  1. I love everything about this shot John – the tones, the repetition in the lines, and the absolute softness of it – oh, I want snow too! I’ve been seeing lots of images and film of the Hamptons recently, it looks just incredible there..Plus, I dearly want a Hasselblad.. 🙂


      1. We had a teeny bit yesterday, but gone now. I’ve just been looking through your gallery again btw – just such beautiful work. Were most of your square pictures taken with the camera you used here? I’ve just been reading up on it, it looks incredible..(not that I could ever afford it at the moment or hope to have the talent to warrant it, but I can dream….!) Do you still use film?


        1. Yes many of the squares were taken with that camera (coincidentally, the same camera I’m holding in my gravatar). I also used a different Hasselblad for other pictures– with either an 80mm or 180mm lens (normal and telephoto). I still have the equipment…but haven’t been using it. I also own a 35mm camera–a Contax G2 with three lenses.

          Used Hasselblads have come in price and are much less than they were ten years ago, and hardly any professionals are using them any more.

          The reason: processing color film these days (over here) involves a bit of jumping through hoops. Not many places are still doing it. You can get a digital back for some of the cameras but they’re crazy-expensive. The 903 SWC that I used for this picture cannot be fitted with a digital back.

          I haven’t shot any film in two years, and it makes me a little sad to say that (especially since I still have about a dozen rolls in the fridge). I was thinking I might shoot some this month.

          Square landscapes can be very compelling–perhaps because they’re a bit contrarian.

          You might be able to find an older Yashicamat to experiment with…a very inexpensive Medium format camera that you can get really good results with.


        2. That’s really interesting, thanks John – it is sad to think of your film lying unused – actually we went to a talk last year by a fantastic nature photographer who has worked in film for the last 40 odd years, but now says the same as you about colour processing – particularly in medium format..I remember the joy of the darkroom when I first started learning about photography, and I still think that there is a quality in light and shade, and a connection with film that digital just can’t match..though it depends on the camera and the photographer too I guess! I think there’s a place for both..it’d be very sad if colour film disappeared completely. I do love the square format too, there’s something storytelling about it somehow..

          Thanks for the thoughts! I will look into the camera you mention too..


  2. These are much more interesting beach-huts than ours, architecturally!~ I’d like to go there. Great photo, as usual. PS: Does it not snow where you are, there in Maine, isn’t it?


    1. I’m on eastern Long Island (New York)…a little south of Maine but it certainly does snow here. Not much to speak of for two years.

      We’ll see what February has in store.


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