30 thoughts on “Ring Bill

  1. Great picture. I’ve spent a fair number of days on beaches, and I’ve never seen a sand formation quite like this. Thanks for capturing it for me.

  2. you make me fall in love … adorable picture …
    I love the sea .. I love that revolves around it …
    Superb image.
    Emotions beautiful ..
    thank you very much

      1. the sea is an immense love.
        I nearly drowned as a child, I was under a great inflatable boat
        Could no longer find the exit, but when the breath was over, I felt no longer afraid.
        It ‘was a great feeling. I drank the sea, and she is left inside me.
        I love him and I do not dare ever.

        Thank you for these beautiful images. I never get tired of looking at them.
        Each beach has its own history that unites all my feelings.

        happy W.E

        1. Remarkable. Thanks so much for sharing.

          When I’m in the process of taking photographs, much of what has passed in and out of my life (including your story) will leave its mark.

      1. You are very welcome! -And thank you- It started as a challenge to myself [After a couple miserable years running a business in Vail]- Could I return to my roots / my old stomping ground, return to creativity and keep it going every day for a full year? Now I can’t turn it off! Keep up the great work over there, the new photos are amazing!

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