Landscape in Shallow Water

landscape in shallow water

The photograph is from the Columbia River in Oregon, just a few miles from where Lewis and Clark completed their mission. The apparent illusion here was natural. The log and rocks were simply resting on the river bottom in water that gave new meaning to the word “glassy”.

Hasselblad 903 SWC – drum scan from color negative

31 thoughts on “Landscape in Shallow Water

  1. If I had a hat like Richard obviously has, I would take him off. Now I bow my head for this beautiful crafted picture. Breathtaking. I would love a big print on the wall!

        1. I think you’ll love it. It’s got a superb feeling of balance and weight distribution. I’ve gotten sharp hand-held exposures (on occasion) even as low as 1/15″.

          I’ve never used a camera that feels better in my hands.

  2. This is poetry, John. Such an incredible image. So many echoes in it: the reflection, references, the perspective. It’s just stunning. It looks like a Magritte! Beautiful!

    1. Yes–it does have a post-processed look about it. When I used to make it as a “c” print from an enlarger, the question never came up–but that was fifteen years ago. Nowadays I have to deal with the question whenever I display the picture.

      Times have changed!

  3. If I didn’t know better, I’d think of this image as a painting. It’s very unique. I wonder what the effect is if it were blown up to, say, fill an entire wall.

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