Eelgrass, a Spider Crab, and some bits of shells and leaves. A still life from Napeague Harbor.

A few years ago, an 18th century home in East Hampton was being renovated. When the walls were opened, the restoration crew made an interesting discovery. Eelgrass had been stuffed between the walls for insulation. It had held up well for several centuries, looking as if  it had been collected off the beach a few months earlier.

Canon G 10

8 thoughts on “Eelgrass

  1. I see you and I have an affinity for such imagery, ‘tho there is no evidence for it, at present, other than my Seashells post on jmnartsy. I too like the abstractions Nature presents for us to see when we look, just like this one. Liked. PS: Have a very Merry Christmas.


    1. I like the calligraphy analogy. I suppose I enjoy taking photographs looking directly down because they become more two dimensional and abstract. It’s also a way of locating the most simplicity in certain landscapes.

      For some reason, Brant are scarce on eastern LI, although they’re abundant 70 miles west of here (Great South Bay…Jamaica Bay). Plenty of Canadians here…and sea ducks…scoters, eiders etc.


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