14 thoughts on “Mud Cracks – Capitol Reef National Park

    1. Thanks for the link to Afaf’s work–there’s certainly a stylistic correlation. I enjoyed scrolling through his website, and look forward to maybe seeing his work in New York.

  1. Very intriguing! I was so drawn to the image that I didn’t read the title at first, so was trying to work out if this was ice, or even maybe sand..don’t know that I would have guessed mud.. I reckon you should keep us guessing with the title!

  2. A beautiful abstract – I was lucky to spend a little time there – oh, would I love to go back. I must. You must have many, many images – it’s a photographer’s paradise, no? And oh, so different from Long Island…

    1. Yes, it’s a beautiful (and not-so-visited) National Park. That’s awesome that you’ve been there.

      I’ve visited the park many times but rarely photograph the “big” picture. I’m not sure why that is…and it pretty much applies to the rest of Utah too. That sort of landscape speaks to me in a more intimate way, I guess, so many of my photographs from the Colorado Plateau are more “close up”.

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