Boathouse Monochrome – Meadow Lane

meadow lane boathouse - monochrome

Three years ago, I took my sea kayak across Shinnecock Bay with my film camera packed in a dry-bag. It was a chilly Autumn morning with a memorable sky. At the boathouse, I took a series of pictures from the water.  Over the last few years, I’ve posted (and printed) several images from the session.

This past October, the boathouse was destroyed during the hurricane.

This is a new image from the trip, scanned from film last week.

Contax G2 – 28mm Zeiss f2.8

20 thoughts on “Boathouse Monochrome – Meadow Lane

    1. Thanks– after I heard the boathouse was wiped out in the hurricane I went back and looked at my transparencies in much greater detail….somehow I’d missed this one first time around.


  1. How strangely sad – this photograph seems somehow like a memory of itself even as it is taken, something old bones-ish about the structure..


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