Long Beach, Sag Harbor

This begins a new series of cul de sacs, road ends and deserted public beaches–all subjects which are edgy by nature and which look better when no one’s “home” (my opinion).

Some of these pictures (such as this one), will go into a new sidebar gallery entitled Off Season. Others will be on display in Road Work, although clearly some pictures will have their feet in both categories. Here’s the link to the new gallery:


I live in a place where the off season is greater than the “on”, so there’s a large window of opportunity. There’s also lots of road ends here because we’ve got all sorts of ways to get to a beach.

This picture is from Long Beach in Sag Harbor–photographed earlier this morning with a normal lens (a focal length which lends itself to the subject for reasons I can’t quite explain).

Panasonic G3-20mm

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