Lover’s Quarrel (monochrome)

This is a photograph from Santa Fe which I recently began printing in black and white. In the earlier color version (link below), I was hearing too much of a “southwestern accent”…adobe walls…turquoise trim.

Perhaps the point of the picture was getting a little drowned out by color.

Canon G 10/August 2011

17 thoughts on “Lover’s Quarrel (monochrome)

  1. I like the B&W better too. Yes it’s a bit more mysterious. (?) I also find the the lightbulb a bit distracting in the color version, but not in this one. (?) I think, anyway. My two cents in the pot! I like this one. 🙂


  2. The situation seems more difficult to deal with in N&B… I like this shot better. One person seems obstinate, the other more hopeful. Very interesting to imagine.


  3. Very interesting! I do like both. I like how in colour, the blue is reflected in the mans features, and the woman is all in orange – to me this really highlights the looking out and the staying in – the quarrel? Cold/hot? The black and white seems more melancholic, and strangely the expressions more intense..


    1. Grazie. In un primo momento ho preferito il colore, poi cambiato la mia mente in bianco e nero.
      Penso che la versione a colori è distrazione, poiché l’immagine racconta una “storia”.
      Ciao. John


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