Dune Noir VI

This piece was photographed on the ocean in Wainscott, and is the end of the line for this series, (at least for now). I’ve been busy printing these images over the last two days, a project which has been consuming plenty of time, paper and ink. I’ve steered clear of using any number of high-res papers, preferring instead something with a matte finish–Epson’s Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper.

To me, the abstract feeling of these photographs translates much more compellingly onto a matte surface. From a few feet away, some of the prints resemble charcoal drawings. Another point–the paper I’ve been using is very warm toned, a quality which tends to makes the darkness more seductive.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to respond to these pictures–your feedback has been much appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Dune Noir VI

    1. I’m happy with this paper, and it’s been what I’ve been using for most of my color images for about two years. Unfortunately it’s been discontinued by Epson (at least over here). Perhaps you can find some there. Most photographers opt for a more detailed look in BW (such as Hahnemuhle’s PhotoRag Baryta which I’ve also been fooling around with)—but at least with these dune/sand pictures, I prefer a matte finish. I guess it all comes down to taste (as usual)!


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