Dune Noir – IV and V

To photograph these scenes, I visited Beach Lane in Wainscott, which at the moment is an especially good place for rhapsodic lighting. Some of the dune fences are entirely engulfed in sand looking a bit like earth-zippers–especially in the low light at evening.

I’m not actually sure what keeps drawing me to this subject, but a couple of things stand out:

When I’m at the beach I enjoy shutting off the “landscape switch” just to see what happens. At times, pictures like these seem like downsized landscapes. Ocean, sky and grand perspectives are quite unnecessary when the point of the picture is light and texture.

I don’t think in symbolic terms when I’m photographing, but these types of pictures provide a record of the interaction between natural processes (wind) and some of our own stuff (fences).

This pair seems to play off each other a bit, so I posted them together.

By the way, I’ve just about reached 50k views here at the site, which went online in January 2010. Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to stop by.

20 thoughts on “Dune Noir – IV and V

  1. Congratulations on the 50k – well earned! These are great – the beach reverts back to its wilderness state at night, edging through the fence – no one around to police it.


  2. I love this whole ongoing series. The lighting is always gorgeous, and the way you capture the various textures makes me downright envious — er, I mean…Nice shots!

    Congrats on the 50k!


  3. Beautiful images John – I love that sense of scale, as if you could be looking from miles above, or close to. And I love the feeling of freshly lain, untouched sand, with just some ghosts of footprints..


  4. I like that comment about the sale too, above, uncertainty of. And also yours re “downsized landscapes.” There is something uncanny about these to me. It makes keep looking, again, again…. Congrats on the show! I wish I was in the area, I’d stop by. 🙂


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