Dune Noir III

The first of three monochromes from last night taken at Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett.

All three pics posted today were shot with a handheld Panasonic G 3, a 14mm lens and the wide converter which seems to have found itself a home.

Post processing was done in ACR, Photoshop and Silver Efex Pro.

8 thoughts on “Dune Noir III

      1. ah, and I see the rest of my comment accidentally got lopped off as I attempted to post — what I was getting ready to articulate was that they were good moody images setting the stage for the “October Holiday” — I like the open question they leave us with….


  1. I like this Dune series, but particularly this one for its showing of how Nature forms designs/patterns, in the sand, just through the wind. And the composition too, of course.


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