12 thoughts on “Dune Noir II

  1. I’m continuing to enjoy your photographs. Thanks for sharing. As an aside and a bit of feedback I’m not sure about the blue text on grey. I guess others may really like it but I’m just not sure it shows you images in the best light. I’m not wanting to sound critical for the sake of it so I hope you don’t mind my mentioning my thoughts on the theme. Best wishes, PC

    1. hmmm…not sure what you’re referring to. On my computers the text of my posts is in black, and only the back and forward links at the top are in blue.
      Are you seeing all the text in blue?

  2. Yes I was really just referring to all the links on the right hand side and the forward and back links. Did they used to be a different colour or have I simply somehow started noticing them. My comments were really just to share a bit of feedback. I have had people comment about my blogs in the past and I found it useful. I’m sure we all see things differently so just ignore my comments. If it works for you then I’m sure it works for others too. Sorry if my comments made you think others may be seeing your site differently on another browser. Best wishes, N.

    1. The red and blue links work for me, and I suppose I’m partial to gray backgrounds because of their neutrality. I’ve settled on this theme because it has a simplicity which I’m drawn to– although I haven’t looked at any theme yet that I’d consider “perfect”.

      Thanks for taking the time to write! Your comments are always welcome. I’m pleased that you enjoy many of the photographs. 🙂

    2. Nigel…just wanted to tell you that your comments inspired me to test run some alternates today. Im actually quite happy with this one for now.

      Thanks again–JT

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