Dune Noir

A photograph from 7am this morning, captured at Napeague Lane on the ocean in Amagansett.

There’s more pictures down there right now than fish.

Panasonic G3/14mm/wide converter…and a Bogen tripod with sand jammed into every movable part.

9 thoughts on “Dune Noir

  1. The light is superb and confusing at the same time. It could be late as well. That invites to look again and again! Great


    1. You’re right Chris–because the picture is so shadowy, it could just as well have been taken in the last few seconds of daylight. I’m pleased you like it…thanks!


  2. I agree with Chris, it’s almost like evening..lovely. Now is the time for morning shots isn’t it, I must get to the beach myself..


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