Beach Pavilion Off Season

I photographed this scene in Rhode Island last April on a stormy day with high winds. The pavilion was hunkered down on the beach looking like a spacecraft that had just made an emergency landing. Taking the picture involved a considerable amount of bracing in order to hold the camera still.

For me, beaches are most compelling in their off season clothes.

16 thoughts on “Beach Pavilion Off Season

  1. I love the hoovering and the light of the sand contrasting to the spaceship right in front of the house. The dark front takes the eyes straight to the house. Great shot.


      1. I’m enjoying your comments, Chris.

        It was an isolated structure on the beach that evoked an unusual mood– I always hope these things translate into photographs, but you never know for sure 🙂


  2. I also love the mood of a deserted beach. Your beautiful shot reminds me of some of Edward Hopper’s paintings, the various green shades and the very well defined lines, I think. It’s beautiful !


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