Apache Chrome Strip

…a third picture from the same vehicle–and another with plenty of midrange grays.

btw–I’ve added grain to all three of these pictures in order to make the surfaces more luminous and tactile.  Back in the old days, we did this by developing our film in Rodinal, and an image processed in this manner was said to have “high acutance”. You can get a better sense of what the grain looks like by clicking on the picture to enlarge it.

Photographed on August 27th with a Panasonic G3 /45mm Olympus M. Zuiko f1.8.

Processed in Silver Efex Pro 2.

3 thoughts on “Apache Chrome Strip

  1. I was reading up on Rodinal and was surprised to hear that it’s still available. Amazingly, it was the first product ever patented by Agfa (1891) and is the oldest photographic product still on the market. It’s currently called “Adonal”–manufactured by ADOX Fotowerke Bad Saarow, Germany.

    I seem to recall that Robert Frank used Rodinal for the images published in “The Americans”.


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