Frosty Stand

Frosty Stand, was photographed about three weeks ago during an afternoon thunderstorm in McGill, Nevada. The picture is framed by tall trees on the right, and on the far left, by the tilting pole from a street sign.

The picture is a sister, of sorts,  for the Central Theater image in the previous post.

McGill is one of those towns that seems to have bypassed the sterility and standardization that’s got a grip on much of the rest of the country. It’s an easy place to like, for that reason.

No residents are visible in the picture, but hopefully their place has spoken for them.

9 thoughts on “Frosty Stand

  1. I love all these, lonely buildings. The stop sign! And that bench! 🙂 I love how you’ve “framed” it too…and the two opposing/facing lights within that…I like how this image seems to open the more I look at it, if that makes any sense at all. Thank you!


      1. I clicked on the bigger image – which shows it fairly well. It is true it’s hard to get a sense of anyone’s photograph on such a small scale. Such is the compromise of the interwebs:)


  2. Love these colours against the grey – it’s almost like this Frosty stand has landed from the sky in a different time/place..!


      1. It’s something I always love – grey does amazing things to colour doesn’t it..btw – I have just “visited” this place on Google maps! Was really fascinated by your photographs and wanted to see – saw this exact building, amazing..seems so atmospheric. Oh how I wish I could jump into the map with my camera…!


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