High Noon

…an image from two weeks ago–one which seemed to be yanking at my sleeve for a more muscular treatment. I obliged, by leaning into both the toning and the detail structure, and also by applying a bit of a vignette as well. Shaping photographs in this fashion can feel a bit like throwing a pot.

The photograph is from a remote settlement in the Steptoe Valley of eastern Nevada. When I initially published this image earlier today, I’d confused it with a similar scene I’d photographed in Widtsoe, UT…such is the abundance of former mining communities in these two states.

High Noon was photographed with a 14mm Panasonic lens attached to the wide converter on a G 3.

14 thoughts on “High Noon

  1. black and white, shadow and light, living weeds and rusty irons, the decadent ground and the sky filled to energy…amazing! I love this photograph.

  2. Lots of different elements to like, the texture on the door, the missing pieces of the old car, the pattern of the seat springs showing through the back window of the car, and most of all the rain falling in the background from the dark clouds. Very well done.

  3. Then again, maybe this one is my favorite from your just completed trip..Amazing shot. It’s so refreshing to know that places like this still exist..

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