Scoy Pond – Northwest Woods, East Hampton

This is a recent photograph from Scoy Pond, a freshwater kettle hole located in the Grace Estate in the Northwest Woods section of East Hampton. A portion of the 125 mile Paumanok Path passes through here, and over 600 acres are protected. Nearby, many additional thousands of acres have been preserved on adjacent sections of trail in other small parcels.

Scoy Pond sits in one of the largest (and quietest) tracts of woods left on the South Fork. There is an impressive degree of biodiversity in this relatively small area, including a remnant White Pine forest on the southern end of the preserve. To take this picture required making a wet-exit from the trail, plunging into a several feet of water with a tripod.

A couple of years ago, the first evidence of beavers on Long Island in well over a century was right in this spot. There are still a number of chewed trees within a few yards of where I made this photograph, but the beavers have since moved along. Fortunately, a flurry of new reports are coming in from Fresh Pond in Hither Woods.

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