12 thoughts on “Beach Lane Dune Fence, Wainscott

  1. Actually just been looking through your galleries, your work is so beautiful, especially the beach photographs…I like how you process the image, but not too much, so it’s still real, like really being there..do you use mainly digital or film?

    1. Thanks Cath. The last roll of film I shot was last year (but I still have some in my fridge because I don’t surrender easily). Many of the photographs at my galleries are from film scans, with some dating back to the 90’s. The squares, for example, were often shot with my Hasselblad. These days my work is digital…working with a pair of micro 4/3 Panasonic Lumixes (plural of Lumix?). I use three prime lenses; no zooms. How ’bout you?

      1. Thats really interesting…I’m pretty much beginning again with photography – I did lots of film and darkroom work in the past, but really just messing about, without learning properly – now I’m keen to learn as much as I can. I’ve got a D90 for the time being, as it’s cheaper to try out ideas and make silly mistakes..! I’m loving it so much though that I think I’ll be investing in some equipment at some point – I’m still torn between film and digital, and can’t afford both! I only have one lens too at the moment, a 50mm prime – but I love it. Simple (but good) is best it seems to me..

        1. “Simple (but good)” has always worked for me too; there’s no better advice. The D90 with a normal prime is a fine choice (and you’ve posted a number of really strong images that you’ve taken with it)!

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