Fort Union in Monochrome (Verticals)

Two more pictures from Fort Union National Historic Site (an historic 19th century fort on the Santa Fe Trail northeast of Las Vegas, NM).

Color versions of both pictures can be seen at the links below:

6 thoughts on “Fort Union in Monochrome (Verticals)

  1. Nice shots! must say i love the reddish sand versions too, think I’ll even prefer it with the 2nd, cuz of the contrast with the blue (although the colored version crops of the window 😉


    1. Thanks. Now that I’ve been looking at these two, I might prefer the color versions as well. But I prefer the BW version of the horizontal from the previous post. In that one, the sunlight has caught the wall at an angle creating a lot of texture which becomes amplified in BW.

      It’s funny, until you pointed it out, I hadn’t realized I posted a different file of the bottom vertical (LOL) –it’s not just a cropped window, the cloud is also different! (i.e. I took two pictures within a few moments of each other.)

      I guess that’s the result of skipping my coffee this morning.

      I’ll leave it up for now, just to complicate the comparison process! 😉

      btw– in the color versions of these (and also in similar pictures with a very red subject) I usually tone down the blue saturation of the sky. Sometimes this seems to have the effect of “broadcasting” the red with much more clarity and seems to reduce the clashing of loud colors, especially if I’m making prints.

      …just a matter of taste, I guess.


  2. Thanks for explaining, John, I agree on the previous post: i like the b/w in that one better as well! And I understand what you mean with toning down the blue, have to do that too sometimes, cuz most of the time I use a polarizing filter and in color those blues can be too much. In black and white I like the effect much more…
    greetings, Ron

    PS. the b/w version with the whole window is a bettrr composition than the non-coffee colored one in my opinion 🙂


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