Black and White Bayscape – Shelter Island

The gazebo on the dock was photographed during a sea kayak excursion around Shelter Island. I made this photograph with my Canon G 10 (packed in a dry bag). You can click on the image to enlarge it.

The island is located between the twin forks of eastern Long Island and is only accessible by boat. Shelter Island consists of about 10,000 acres with a great deal of undeveloped coastline thanks to the Nature Conservancy’s Mashomack Preserve. Almost all of of the southeast part of the island is quite pristine.

A short digression about paddling:

To circumnavigate the island in a kayak takes a bit of planning with respect to tides especially on the north side where the current is strongest. For me, it usually takes about five hours to complete the circuit (assuming I’m not taking a lot of photographs).  A more relaxed pace would take up most of the day.

Shelter Island can be reached by car via two ferries: one in North Haven and the other in Greenport. I generally paddle over from Sag Harbor, North Haven or East Hampton.

I’ve written about kayaking on here periodically, but have never gotten into the details about my boat.

I own a fiberglass P&H Capella–a British boat which is outfitted with a skeg instead of rudder. (I also use an Epic paddle). I settled on the Capella because of its superb lumbar support and also because of the skeg (which I prefer).  From what I recall, the British were some of the first folks to develop the modern sea kayak some 40 years ago. I’ve also been told that someone in the UK paddled a solo Capella across the Irish Sea–well done (whoever you are!)

Here’s a photograph of my Capella at the Mashomack Preserve on Shelter Island:

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      (note: Vladimir recently completed a lengthy kayak trip around Long Island with fellow paddler Johna Till Johnson. Lots of details at his site “Wind Against Current” which you can reach by clicking on his gravatar.)


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