I found Outlaw not far from Old Red (the truck in the previous post).

In this part of the country, horses are a traditional means of transport–a point which invites comparison to the more prosaic pick up.

Horses consume less fuel (depending on whom you ask), and they require about the same amount of maintenance (although some would disagree). You won’t meet any ponies who are as red as pick ups, but a chestnut coat can be just as handsome as any factory paint.

One thing separates them flat out from trucks:  They crave more affection.

Click on him and he’ll come closer.

Photographed on transparency film using a Contax G2 and a 28mm Zeiss Biogon. Scanned with the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II.

10 thoughts on “Outlaw

  1. Wow. Is it the sky as well that gives it some driving forward, I mean and with the horse coming forward too? Beautiful, anyway.


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