Mural Detail With Refrigerator

Photographed in Peñasco, New Mexico with the Panasonic Lumix GF2 and a 14mm lens. The mural adorns the walls of the 1940’s-era Peñasco Theater and was painted by local teens.

Click to enlarge.

6 thoughts on “Mural Detail With Refrigerator

    1. Thanks J.E. I’m not currently participating in the awards on WP, but I’m honored to receive the compliment, and value your interest in what I’m doing here.

      btw – if you’re not familiar with J.E. Lattimer’s work he’s currently publishing three sites (including fiction and fine art) all of which provide evidence for a highly imaginative mind. Click on his green gravatar to check out his work.


  1. I love this, of course! Feel like I could come across this (type of) scene here too…. The bricks in the mural are like little refrigerators, on their sides…. 🙂


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