Long Term Parking

I have a group of pictures of abandoned vehicles which I’ll be posting intermittently.

There are people who find these old creatures and restore them, and their work can be painstaking and rewarding.

There might be something wrong with me, but I much prefer aged cars that look like cow skulls. In truth, they’re often found in the same places and are much more interesting to look at. Peeling paint works for me, and the fresh stuff never has.

Unless it’s my imagination, more light shines in when the window is missing.

10 thoughts on “Long Term Parking

  1. Cows skulls! Exactly! I am the same with the peeling paint…. And that: “more light shines in when the window is missing.”


  2. It really is just like a skull! And great colours – I agree, much more fascinating than a shiny new car.. (though I might not use this one for a road trip..haha)


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