Black and White Dune Photography IV

White Sands National Monument is in southern New Mexico, not far from Las Cruces and the Mexican border. It preserves a very different dune system–gypsum sands which are brilliantly white.  Yucca thrives here and helps give the landscape its distinctive look.

For this picture, I used a Contax G2 Rangefinder camera, with its Zeiss 90mm Sonnar telephoto.

I took some color photographs earlier that afternoon. Here they are, at another post:

10 thoughts on “Black and White Dune Photography IV

    1. Thanks and I appreciate the comment. I sometimes tweak the files into a bit higher contrast once I see them on here, but only rarely permit the highlight and shadow detail to vanish completely. (I actually tweaked the contrast of this picture since I first uploaded it this morning.) As you know, extremes can look appropriate on some pictures, but they can also look kinda harsh. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I still really savor the look of a well made silver print…lots of detail at both ends!


  1. Both this one and the one following it are beautiful and capture some of the uniqueness of this landscape.


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