Black and White Dune Photography II

I’ve gotten absorbed with these dune photographs for the last week and ask for your patience, especially if this sort of image provides you with no ignition.

The pictures were taken at various times during the last twelve years and have been mothballed until now. They were recorded on archaic film with analogue equipment (none of which I’ve yet surrendered). I scanned the pictures using an obsolete Minolta Dimage Scan Elite (which I bought on eBay after my original was fried in a lightning strike). The good old stuff.

Once you’ve scanned your film and it’s been nestled into Photoshop, it has been rescued from obsolescence–a good thing, I suppose–although as a child of the previous century, I feel the pangs of resistance.

The picture is from the Little Sahara Recreation Area in north central Utah. I have some other images from this locale which I’ll be posting later.

(The camera: Contax G2; 28mm Zeiss Biogon)

10 thoughts on “Black and White Dune Photography II

  1. Oh, I definitely hear you about those pangs of resistance — I have my negs scanned to disc by the lab I use, and I can’t help my little paranoid suspicions about what they must be “doing” to my film. Fortunately, much of the technology available is helping to keep analogue alive; as you say, it’s a good thing.


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