Abstractions: New Photographs From New Bedford

The photographs were taken last week at the commercial fishing docks in New Bedford, Massachusetts. There are close-up details (and reflections) of boats, and studies of metal and wood surfaces from around the docks. In truth, many of these images could be more accurately described as semi-abstract. All were shot without a tripod which encouraged a free-flowing sense of connecting ideas.

New Bedford is a city with a waterfront revitalization in progress and is worth visiting if you’re in southern New England. The National Park Service administers New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park which includes a museum and visitor center located within walking distance of where the pictures were made.

Any of the thumbnails above can be enlarged by clicking on them. Email me if you have any questions about what you’re looking at.

8 thoughts on “Abstractions: New Photographs From New Bedford

  1. In addition to the ravaged-paint closeups (which you always do so well, along with rust, chemical stains, and the like), I like the abstract compositions of color fields and indistinct, shifting shapes. John, you are a painter who uses a camera rather than a brush.

    Also, not so surprising, considering your deep musical passion, many of your pictures start my brain and inner ear remembering (or “composing”) music to accompany the visual stimuli. Never know what “sounds” your pictures will trigger: French Impressionism here, cool jazz there, Minimalism over there, then a sudden change to Django Reinhardt.
    Keep up the good (nay, great) work!

    1. Isa, thanks much for the gracious comments you left for many individual images in this series. Your feedback was much appreciated, and reflects the thoughtfulness that is so apparent at your own site. Looking forward to seeing more of your own work. Thanks again.

  2. I really like this series. I spend most of my time photographing the big picture. This has inspired me to maybe focus in a little closer. 🙂

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