View From Long Wharf, Sag Harbor

This image was found on the east side of Long Wharf recently, on a calm morning with unsettled skies. One hundred and seventy years ago (around the same time Fox Talbot was perfecting the photographic process) this very same wharf was the locale of Sag Harbor’s formidable whaling fleet.  Sag Harbor had notoriety in those days, both for its industry and for its multifarious collection of sailors. There are several references to the village in Moby Dick.

These days, the only thing being processed out on the wharf is restaurant orders and the data for an occasional photograph. From the northern end there’s about 300 degrees of water to take in, along with North Haven and Barcelona Neck (in East Hampton) which are visible beyond. Straight out past the breakwater is a prominent beacon.  There’s some rocks near there where the seals like to sun, and beyond that are several thousand acres of Mashomack Preserve.

For those in tune with the tides, Long Wharf still can still whet the taste for adventure.