Tucumcari – Five Photographs At Dawn

At pre-dawn on the morning of September 3rd, I left the family asleep at our motel and drove over to the historic downtown section of Tucumcari.  It was deserted. The warming glow of the eastern sun had stretched its fingers across the plains and was just reaching the first group of buildings.  I took some pictures using a normal lens. I’ve admired similar pictures taken by photographers like Joel Meyerowitz and Stephen Shore, although their work was done with large format cameras.

For these photographs, I was using my new Panasonic GF2  which permitted me to handhold the camera.  This is easy enough to do because the 20mm lens is a fast one. To me, avoiding a tripod in a situation like this can produce a pleasant combination of spontaneity and connecting ideas. The project was wrapped up in about a half hour. This group of five represents my favorites.  You can click on any of the thumbnails to produce larger pictures.