Fuzzy Dice – Taos, NM

This is a new piece from Taos which I shot several weeks ago. We’d stopped by the Plaza after dinner and were surprised to find a large crowd and a car show. After a bit of moseying around I noticed the opposite corner of the Plaza glowing in the smoldering blaze of the setting sun. This was totally unexpected because it had just been raining moments before. The sun had tunneled through the storm in just enough time to do its job.  The effect was radical. The display of storm light continued for another ten minutes during which time I photographed a number of variations. This was the strongest.

It’s interesting to note that after so many centuries of habitation, one may still catch a summer sunset from the southwest corner of the Plaza.

The image was taken with a hand-held Panasonic GF2, the newest arrival in my bag.

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