Vintage Photograph of Uihlein’s (Montauk, 1988)

Keeping with the theme of bygone scenes and time exposures, this post resurrects an off-season glimpse of Montauk made some twenty three years ago. To me, this quiet image is especially welcome given the degree of rowdiness emanating from Montauk during our current summer. The evening I took this picture, the town was about as remote as you could get on Long Island – a sandy wind-blown place at the end of the road (with just enough characters to keep things interesting).

The good news is that this old boat shack is still there hunkered down by the harbor and minding its own business. Like many current residents, the building now sports a face-lift and some newly acquired shrubbery. Back in the eighties, it counted the days of winter with a degree of solitude which is almost unimaginable in the current decade.

Much like the photograph of my previous post, this was an image recorded at dusk. Here, an especially gloomy evening had been caught unawares. There is an uneasy feeling that no one is left in town. A compelling pair of neon lights have blinked on, and are available to tell the story.

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