Thirteen Photographs Of Mostly Walls

The titles of the photographs can be accessed by holding your cursor over the images. Clicking on a thumbnail will produce an enlargement.

The locations:

  • 1   Green Door (Oatman, AZ)
  • 2   Ventana (Santa Fe, NM)
  • 3   Angelita (Oatman, AZ)
  • 4   Yucca (Presidio County, TX)
  • 5   Chilis (Oatman, AZ)
  • 6   Canyon Road (Santa Fe, NM)
  • 7   Cabana (Southampton, NY)
  • 8   Death (Death Valley Junction, CA)
  • 9   Kitchen Wall (Capitol Reef National Park, UT)
  • 10 Shuttered Forge (Batsto, NJ)
  • 11 White Wall (Western MD)
  • 12 Window Hens (Southern VT)
  • 13  Berkshire Barn (Western MA)

4 thoughts on “Thirteen Photographs Of Mostly Walls

  1. These walls show John’s highly developed sense of color and composition, but even more importantly, they demonstrate how he can find a beautiful picture on a simple wall that the rest of us might have hurried past without even noticing it.


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