Sixteen Abstract Photographs

These pictures are straight photographs shot close up of a wide assortment of surfaces. You can enlarge any of them by clicking on them. The numbered titles  of the individual pieces will pop up if you hold your cursor over the image.

The specifics:

  • 1.  Truck detail,  northern AZ
  • 2.  Gas pump, Oatman, AZ
  • 3.  Truck detail,  northern AZ
  • 4.  Truck detail,  northern AZ
  • 5.  Buoy, Cumberland Island, Georgia
  • 6.  Truck detail,  northern AZ
  • 7.  Ship bow, New Bedford, MA
  • 8.  Ship detail, New Bedford, MA
  • 9.  Truck detail, southern AZ
  • 10. Shipyard detail, Westhampton Beach, NY
  • 11. Rusted car detail, Moab, UT
  • 12. Buoy, Amagansett, NY
  • 13. Wheel hub, southern AZ
  • 14. Shipyard detail, Westhampton Beach, NY
  • 15. Bouy, Amagansett, NY
  • 16. Buoy, Amagansett, NY

3 thoughts on “Sixteen Abstract Photographs

  1. LOVE these! How great these would look in any home or commercial environment. I can see buying one enlarged photo to make a statement in any room, grouping several (or ALL) on a wall, or scattering them throughhout the space. Very cool.

  2. Beautiful shapes and color choices !!!
    i will take a stroll in your website as well.
    thanks for visiting jazz is my life 🙂

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