How Bridgehampton Got It’s Name

In 1686, an ambitious settler known as Ezekiel Sandford was hired by The Town of Southampton to build a small bridge over Sagg Pond connecting Sagaponack with what was then known as Mecox. Sandford’s sturdy bridge held up for nearly a hundred years and is the reason we now have a place called Bridgehampton. Nowadays the bridge is accessed from Bridge Lane, and after all these years it’s still situated on a quiet backroad where it spans the same salty creek.  To photograph this scene I was standing on the current bridge looking south.  It was good morning for photography because it had arrived with appealing light. In the picture, the catamaran and canoes appear to spring seamlessly from the surrounding hazy marshes, an effect which I like and which can be amplified by a very dense fog.  In Bridgehampton this time of the year, such fogs come rolling in just in time for breakfast. Perhaps Ezekiel Sandford would’ve recognized the light, and some of the elements of the place where he once constructed a bridge.