Romancing the Hasselblad – Shafter, Texas

Shafter, Texas sits in an area so sparsely populated that it makes much of the rest of the west seem tame by comparison. It is a region of vast ranches, grasslands and desert scrub which occupies hundreds of square miles south to the Mexican border.  In the distance are isolated mountain ranges that receive little rainfall and almost no visitors. To the east is the nearly one million acres of Big Bend National Park. The last time I was in Shafter, there were less than ten citizens.

This is an area which gives new meaning to the word remote.

I’ve returned from various trips to this part of Texas with some of my favorite landscapes. In almost every instance, I used the Hasselblad 903 SWC because it’s a place where the exceptionally wide Zeiss Biogon can do it’s thing.

7 thoughts on “Romancing the Hasselblad – Shafter, Texas

  1. On vacation in Dec. last and stopped in Shafer Tx. coming from BIG BEND.. Spent 1 hour walking and looking. Great area to visit and will return ..


  2. My wife and I took a trip to Big Bend Park in the mid-1980’s and on the way back we stop in Shafter to get something to drink . We stop at a little store in the town . After our purchase I noticed the change given to me was in old coins from the 40’s and 50’s !


  3. As a kid , I helped my dad Tino Pineda deliver mail to this post office on his daily 160 mile route . He delivered mail to this office , Presidio and Redford for 40 years . He retired at 86 yrs. old and lived to be 97 yrs. old . He was a great man .


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