Sagaponack Photographs – Cutting Garden

Sagaponack is contrast. It’s a place where traditional Long Island potato barns now live side by side with dwellings that can only be described as radically modern.  A short but astonishing walk will take you from one of the smallest public schools in the state to the largest home in the nation. Buisnessweek described Sagaponack as the most expensive small town in the country, but it’s also a place where farmers still wake up to plant cauliflower.

From a photographic point of view, fog can be an exquisite equalizer. Sagaponack gets more than its fair share, which is not surprising considering there’s ocean in town that backs up to potato fields. Truthfully, the place should be as famous for its fogs as it is for its fortunes.  In a Sagaponack haze, things are delightfully seamless.  In a proper fog, this is one of the loveliest places around.

These images admittedly have a biased view. I’m an unabashed fan of fields and what you might call a classical definition of open space. I’d rather watch flowers blooming than Bloomberg News. I have sentimental ties to Eastern Long Island agriculture. I like ducks and broccoli. In the fall the potatoes in our fields can smell as good as roasting coffee. Have I already said I love fog?

Above and below – roadside views of a cutting garden on Parsonage Lane.