House With Tin Roof – Eastern North Carolina

I found this abandoned farm house not far from the isolated eastern shores of Pamlico Sound,  a land of vast farm fields, pocosin swamps and plenty of peace and quiet. What gives it special meaning is that it’s also an iconic image of the American South, a part of the country I’m familiar with, having grown up in pre-Disney Florida. During the 1960’s we made sporadic trips north – summer journeys that would’ve taken me through miles of backroads and pine woods; places where houses like these were as common as crows. Finding them now is like stumbling upon friends I haven’t seen in a really long time.

Keeping with the theme of my recent posts, it’s also an image of a solitary building in a meaningful location which I elected to shoot head on. This time the photograph is a vertical because I craved the look of big space. I wanted it to breathe so I let in the sky. Thus, the scene is an airy one, full of the breeziness of mid-afternoon. Not all the best pictures require a setting sun.

More images of isolated buildings may be seen by clicking  on the link below: