Hasselblad 903 SWC – Dune Photographs

This quartet of seemingly related pictures was actually culled from four separate trips to dune fields of the western United States. The images were shot with 120 negatives (or transparencies) and the camera used in each instance was the Hasselblad 903 SWC (Superwide) with its fixed 38mm Biogon Zeiss lens.

From top to bottom:

Antiphony (Little Sahara Recreation Area, Utah)
Counterpoint (Death Valley National Park, California)
Capriccio (Death Valley National Park, California)
Roundelay (Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Oregon)

For a commentary about whether to use the ground glass back or the detachable viewfinder, go to this link:


Another commentary about the 903 can be found here:


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Keep in mind that colors and contrast of the images displayed at this website will be most accurate when viewed on a calibrated MAC monitor. This is most relevant to images with a full range of contrast such as the ones above.

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