Snow Buddhas

I took this photograph during last week’s snowstorm as a sort of adjunct family snapshot. This particular garden statue is located off to the side of our home underneath our largest Pitch Pine. I’d just strapped on my snowshoes and was preparing for a lengthy hike with my equipment to see what might materialize. We’d gotten a foot of snow. After six miles and another dozen images, I returned home exhausted.  Before hanging it up for the day, I snapped a few more of the snow buddha, pretty much as an afterthought. Later, while warming up with a cup of tea and editing the pics on my computer, I realized that my buddhas – the pictures that bookended the walk – were by far the strongest images. If there’s a name for that sort of irony, perhaps it’s specific to photography. I played with them a bit and much liked the mood created by some generous vignetting. This was my favorite: