Sunrise Near Hands Creek, Three Mile Harbor

Another image from two days ago…one which could be called Cloud Portal. The view is  from the west shore of Three Mile Harbor (East Hampton) in the vicinity of Hands Creek.  The photograph was recorded with the Canon G 10.

3 thoughts on “Sunrise Near Hands Creek, Three Mile Harbor

  1. The stunning beauty of this photograph, besides the color and cloud texture, is the captivating, primal pattern enabled by the reflection. Starting from the upper right and curving down in a narrower swath, to just above the horizon, we have one quarter-crescent. Couple that with its reflection, we see a broken half circle, sliced by a thin band of dark land hugged by orange and yellow, then broadening in shape toward the right side of the frame. If you squint, the pattern becomes more recognizable. Exceptional photo.


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