Sag Harbor Photographs – Round Pond

Round Pond is a part of the Long Pond Greenbelt – a woodland and wetland corridor of over 1100 acres that extends from Mashashimuet Park nine miles south to Sagaponack. Much of the area has been preserved over the last 40 years and there’s now an excellent network of trails including one of Long Island’s best rail to trail conversions. Because of the presence of so many wetland plants, this is also a good place for photographs particularly in October. For these pictures, I  focused on Round Pond with it’s shoreline ringed with Red Maples and Black Tupelos – trees claiming the most intense fall colors in these parts.

One morning last week I joined a friend of mine there for some photography. Our timing was good. It was cool and windless with a slight fog evaporating off the pond. This hazy, almost spring-like effect was most apparent on Round Pond 1 (top of page) and on #4 (at the bottom). We got to work snapping pictures and conditions remained good for an hour. On the reddish piece just above(#2), I played with the idea of leaving a “ragged” tree-line in the reflection, a look which suggests a picture with gently ripped edges. For me, both this picture and #3 (to the right) evoke 19th century landscape photographs –  a period when Round Pond was home to an ice house on a rail spur which ran through the woods south to Bridgehampton. The former rail bed is still in the woods and may be hiked in its entirety. In the last image below,  I created a fraternal twin sister of sorts to the photograph at the top of the post – this time done as a horizontal. As was the case with the other photographs, my aim with this one was to keep things simple – by pretty much avoiding the sky altogether and by presenting the values and textures of both the water and the woods as seamlessly as possible.

Round Pond and the rest of the Greenbelt can be seen up close and personal once you get out on your feet. For more information about the trails, preservation and natural or human history of the Long Pond Greenbelt be sure to visit these links: