In A Mist

The triptych of images below explores three variations on scenes shot in fog, falling snow or low contrast. In each instance, I’ve used short focal length telephoto lenses. This combination of lens and light can result, at times, in a beguiling compression of space.

Much like Beiderbecke’s piano mist, if you’ve succeeded at this, you’ve arrived at something that’s both simple and lyrical.

In the first piece, the lens of choice has been the very petite 90mm f2.8 Sonnar, a Zeiss optic which was made for the Contax G2 rangefinder. Much like it’s sister Leica, the G2 had superb balance and unsurpassed resolution. This 90mm lens is my favorite telephoto, and when it’s installed on its camera with its metal lens hood, it’s easy to imagine you’re handling a well-constructed musical instrument.

The second and third pieces were recorded with a Canon G10- a much-discussed digital camera that comes with its own virtues. Resembling a tiny Leica, the G10 allows you to capture, review and edit images with ease. Unexpectedly, I’ve found that it’s empowered me to move from one thought to another much in the same fashion as an improvising jazz musician.

Pears In Bloom
Grace Estate
             Stony Hill

Pears In Bloom, Grace Estate and Stony Hill are available as limited edition signed prints. The first print in the edition for Grace Estate is available for sale. The first prints for Pears in Bloom and Stony Hill are no longer available.

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5 thoughts on “In A Mist

  1. I am amazed at your ability to capture such beauty and to continue to improve year after year..and I thought your first photographs were incredible!
    I am so pleased that you have your work, thoughts, and shows listed here. I am one of your biggest fans!


  2. Remarkably evocative landscapes, each with its own feeling, while rooted in a common (yet quite uncommon) sensibility. Well done! (BTW, I spent a dozen years as executive editor of AUDUBON and worked for David Brower at the Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth during the heyday of the Exhibit Format Books, so I have looked at a LOT of nature photographs.)


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