You’ve Got Mail

Several years ago, we stumbled upon the scene shown below.  It was in southern Arizona. Fourteen mailboxes, a sprawling desert and a remote range of mountains whose name I can no longer recall. The row of mailboxes offered an interesting counterpoint to the incoming storm.  At the time I made this photograph, I was standing 2500 miles from my own mailbox located  in East Hampton, NY.

The picture serves as metaphor.  I have friends expecting mail — imagine five boxes with raised flags. One of my acquaintances won’t read this, but to the others I say:

You have my appreciation and admiration.

James Twomey

I’ve chosen Jim first, partially in honor of his day job.  But his main occupation, I’ve found, is to take pictures that become enriched with time. His are photographs taken with an honest eye. It has been a privilege to get to know the person behind the Nikon.

Victoria Twomey

Poet, digital artist and videographer. A friend with many springs of creativity. An artist who will make you take notice in a variety of habitats.  A rare person whose words matter– and whose images speak volumes.

John Ellsworth

A photographer who does not require airfare to find beauty anywhere further than a short walk from home. A skilled and intelligent artist–generous– not afraid of change, whose tenderness for the sea is the language of his work.

Grant Silverstein

Master etcher and creator of new forms. Close family friend and officer of sound instincts. An artist who is familiar with the poetry inherent in reason. The person who once showed me the best place to dig a well.

Tony Nobile

The late photographer who taught me that good photographs are not created entirely with one’s eyes.  A printer whose work has gone below the radar.  No website exists, but a vision does- one that moved laterally into those of us lucky enough to have been his students.